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Mentoak is an online marketplace that connects Educators, Students, & Parents to enhance the learning and teaching experience.

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Create your own Audience

We proudly say that Mentoak is a unique platform as it empowers everyone to create their own audience. One problem that every teacher and student is facing on digital educational platforms is that they are not in touch for future education. That’s why we come up with a solution to talk to each other for free. If you are a Mentoak user then you don’t need to pay for every step of learning because we are already providing you every possible option to make the world educated.

Live and Interactive

This platform allows students to meet their respective course teachers through live meetings where they not only clear their doubts but also aid in creating a disciplined and learning environment. It seems like a real offline class in which all the concepts related to registered course will be taught with effective teaching skills. Also, interactions with peers and teachers will enhance that develops the new questions and new techniques to learn from people with similar interests.

Real time Feedbacks

During the class sessions, whatever the students will learn, they can give their feedback on the way of teaching and how the platform is proved to be effective for gaining education. From this, teachers can also know about their positives and further improvements that need to be done to deliver best results. The feedback given by learners will be helpful for both teachers and students in terms of receiving complements and knowing about mistakes along with clearing of doubts respectively.

Convenient and Safe

For learning and teaching, it is completely a secure platform where non-authorized users do not have access to perform any alterations in the uploaded content. Only a simple registration is required to be a part of this new teaching concept either as a student or an instructor, subsequently according to the role, one can use it by logging in the personal profile. Maintaining the safety and privacy of users is our responsibility which assures completely that none of the content of teachers can be stolen or modified by others.

Provides Teaching Platform

Some Major Benefits of Using Mentoak

Social Media

Online Courses

Doubt Clearing Session

Group Study

Topic Discussions

Live Meetings

Notes Sharing

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For Students


    We immediately help our students with technical support and never make delays in resolving their issues.


    Teachers are highly responsible and care about your studies. They clear the doubts of students as soon as possible.


    We never ignore your requests and complaints and provide the services during whole package up to satisfactory level.

  • Direct Interaction with Mentors

    We allow our students to interact with teachers personally. Even after your package gets expired, you can clarify your doubts from concerned teachers.

For Mentors


    We don’t prioritize any of the teachers. You will earn money with your skills and there is no partiality among the teachers.


    Right from the beginning of registering yourself with Mentoak to uploading lectures, you’ll not even require to pay a penny.


    We never take your personal time. At Mentoak, you are your own boss and works according to you.


    You can personally promote yourself by interacting with students. We never interfere in your communications.

Mentors Personal Reviews

“Being teacher I found it pocket friendly as no cost involved. Moreover, group discussions are ultra beneficial”…Anjali

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Most Frequently asked Questions.

It’s really easy, you just need to register on mentoak by clicking on signup.

Yes! we give the every authority to the teachers, they can give live classes whenever they have time.

Yes, there will be free demo video of every course

Yes, our support team is always ready to assist you

Yes, Mentoak platform is developed for every student and teacher. There is no restriction to learn and earn.

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Fundamental knowledge regarding various concepts is provided including thorough explanation of doubt questions put forward by learners so that their creativity to explore deeply becomes boundless.

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